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Product Type:KE-9608
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Product name: Antirust Grinding Fluid

Product model: KE-9608

Product Manual

Scope of application: It is suitable for the precision grinding of magnetic materials, tungsten steel, iron and steel materials and spare parts. It can also be used for anti-rust treatment between production processes.


* This product does not contain mineral oil, the original liquid is red-orange, and turns to green after mixing with water in proportion;

* Using water-soluble grinding fluid is better than oil, the products after grinding are easy to clean, and the working environment is not greasy.

* It has good anti-rust performance, and the processed parts can save the anti-rust measures between processes;

* Good lubricity, can reduce the wear of grinding wheel and cutter, and reduce the roughness of processing surface;

* Stable quality, easy to dilute and simple to use.


* Anti-rust between processes: diluted with clean water, the proportion is 3-5% of the original solution and water, soak the parts in it.

* Fine grinding: dilute with water, the ratio is 1: 50-80 times the amount of the original solution mixed with water.

Note: When using this product for anti-rust treatment, the parts must be degreased and derusted and then immersed in this anti-rust solution.

Shelf life: The shelf life of unopened anti-rust grinding fluid is two years。

Packing specification: 20㎏ / barrel; 200㎏ / barrel (return of packaging barrel).

Solubility: 100%;

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