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Brand:Hushang Times
Product Type:180*43*5.3*45-36T
Product Cate:Tools & Accessories

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Product name: Computer Saw Machine Diamond Saw Blade

Product model: 180 * 43 * 5.3 * 45-36T

product manual:

1. Machine: Jintian HOMAG , Nanxing, KDT, Dima, Huali, Huahua, HOLD, Jinhongyu, SENDAR

2. Features and advantages of diamond saw blades:

For cutting P2 double-faced particle board, normal alloy saw blades will chip the edge after 2 hours of cutting. If the machine is turned on for 10 hours a day, 5 times of saw blades need to be changed, which will take 15-20 minutes each time, that would cause a time waste of 1 hour and 30 minutes in one day. In 1 hour and 30 minites, 60 plates can be cut; multiply by 28 days, the number of plates can be 1680.

Diamond saw blade cuts P2 double-sided particle board for 70 hours before chipping the edge, which means you only need to replace the saw blade every 7 days (4 times a month). By saving time, the production efficiency can be improved.  

Outer Diameter Tooth Width Bore Hole Number of Tooth Tooth Type
380 4.4/4.8 60/75 72T/84T AT Flat-trapezoidal
160 4.3/5.3/-4.6/5.6 30/45 36T AD Trapezoidal
180 4.3/5.3/-4.6/5.6 30/45 36T AD Trapezoidal
200 4.3/5.3/-4.6/5.6 50/75 36T AD Trapezoidal
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